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A Private Assisted Residency for adults with disabilities.


The Journey towards overall positive and healthy well-being for those who live at IHC Estates begins here. 

"My name is Debra and I have been at IHC Estates since March 20th of this year. I feel like a have a second family. People who care about me, and not just my "House Mates" but the Owners and the House Manager. This whole house is clean and beautiful, the food is great and the respects we ALL show to each other, no matter of our differences, is great."

Resident since March 2020

- Debra B. 

What can I say, I've never had an issue. All of the IHC Estates residents seem to enjoy themselves. There is a lot of structure and it is a positive environment. 

Home Health Care Nurse Consultant since 2018

- Ann M.

“Before I found IHC Estates I was the sole caregiver for my disabled brother in my own home. I wanted my brother to have the care and support he needed, but I also needed to go back to work and I knew o would need to find a special place for him that could meet his needs. I am so glad I found IHC Estates. They provide so much more than shelter and meals. They help my brother with his medications and other daily reminders, and the other residents treat him like family. I also have frequent communication with the owner and house manager. IHC Estates has given me the peace of mind I needed to go back to work and know that my brother is in good hands. .”

Family of Resident since Oct. 2018 

- Erica Ketchen 

We are here to help. Reach out to use for assessment and or volunteer opportunities. 

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1-888-393-1442 Main Office

972-635-5200 Staff/Resident 

972-635-5201 Fax

214-533-4545 Director of IHC Estates

Resident Mailing Address

11625 Custer Road Ste 110-274

Frisco TX 75035

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