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Meet Meosha

Mental and Behavioral Health Advocate

Meosha Jones is a Texas native.  She has a degree in Business Management and Communications which she obtained at the American Intercontinental University.  She is well versed in multiple industries such as logistics, and visual arts, consulting and communications. Above all else she has a true passion and heart for people which has driven her success in mental and behavioral health care.

Meosha founded IHC Estates in 2017. IHC means Integrity Help Comfort; three things of which she prides her homes on. Her representation for individuals who suffer with mental and behavioral health conditions are prevalent in the Collin County area, with homes that she has started in McKinney, and Frisco. IHC Estates is constantly evolving and growing to assist with an ever growing need for supportive housing and care in the Collin County area. 

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IHC Estates Staff is a dedicated group of individuals striving with integrity to help assist the adults we house be comfortable, gain or regain stability in a structured environment. Our program is set up to sustain both temporary housing needs for those looking to get back on there feet and also provide a permanent housing solution for those looking for a safe, secure haven.  

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